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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  September 16, 2010 3:00pm-4:00pm EDT

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no intention of booty. perhaps it has been modified to be more offensive or maybe it doesn't offend you at all. i am out of here. thank you for watching. and now studio b. >> thank you. i am here for shep. in box number one, a horrible home invasion, two suspects accused of raping and killing a family in connecticut much the father barely making it out alive, the only survivor. new details in the case. in box two, the number of americans using illegal drugs at the high of the point in almost a decade. we will break down the results. in box three, a police officer moves a dash camera in an attempt to hide a crime. but it seems he was too late to pull off the coverup. we will tell you what is happening and show you more of
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the video straight ahead in studio b. but first a news alert. police are investigating a murder-suicide in a johns hopkins hospital, hospital room in baltimore. after they say a gunman shot a doctor and triggered a lockdown at the facility. the doctor operated on the suspect's mother. the mother paralyzed as a result the surgery. the gunman shot a doctor, in his stomach. the doctor is expected to be all right. johns hopkins is in baltimore. one of the state's largest private employers ranked as one of the best hospitals in the country. we are expecting a news conference in minute but first we go to the scene where our reporter is. >>reporter: let me have the photographer pan the street. you can see the mayor and the police commissioner and others coming, about do come down and
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give the press conference. we will hang on here as i tell you the latest. a source tells fox the wounded dorktd is a spinal doctor here at jobs hopkins and the suspect now is deadly and was upset about a surgery done to his mother that left her paralyzed. we were told the suspect was dead but this turned into a murder-suicide and police confirm that the suspect shot the family member in the room, we assume the mother, but that is in the confirmed. we hope to get it confirmed. and then he shot himself. the doctor was shot in the stomach and this is an excellent hospital here and he will likely get the best care. he is expected to survive, a male, in his mid-30's and now they say the area of the hospital where this happened, the crime scene is what it is
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called now. and now we will hear what they said about what happened at johns hopkins hop in doctor, something like 1,000 beds, 1,700 doctors and a shooting on the eighth floor. let's listen. (inaudible) i was troubled earlier today to learn of the incident here at johns hopkins. this is a very proud baltimore institution, our largest private employer and arguably the best medical institution on the planet. we must protect these assets. a unified command was stabbed and all law enforcement and officials worked together to respond immediately to the incident. again, the importance of johns
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hopkins university, the whole community, to the city of baltimore, cannot be overstated. the safety and security of the employees and residents in the surrounding community was paramount through this incident. i would like to personally thank the men and women of the baltimore police department for the swift response and the other city agencies and i also would like to thank our fire department, office of emergency management, baltimore county swat, the state department of emergency management and i thank our federal partners, the f.b.i. participated and commented how well we worked with them and how well our teamworked together. i thank them, as well. i now turn this over to our police commissioner. >> thank you, mayor. i will start by giving you a
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little bit of time line on the event as we know them and what facts i can give you up to this point. at about 11:11 this morning a man now identified as warren davis, age 50, was standing outside of room 873 in the nelson building of johns hopkins hospital. he was being briefed by a doctor, a staff doctor at the hospital, about the condition of his mother who is identified at jean davis. mr. davis was receiving some news about the care and the condition of his per just outside the door to that room and he became emotionally
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distraught and reacted and was overwhelmed by the news of his mother's condition. during the course of the conversation with the doctor, mr. davis removed a small semiautomatic hand gun from his waistband area and fryered -- fired eight gunshots that shot the doctor in the lower chest. the doctor collapsed outside the doorway of the room. mr. davis was last seen running into the room, brandishing the handgun in the direction of his mother who is confined to the bed. at about 11:45 we established a unified command post to manage
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the scene. i will tell you that the scene proceeded according to every protocol and drill established. hospital security immediately responded and put their emergency response plan into place. by all evaluations it worked as designed; and worked incredibly efficiently to avoid and reduce any injury or risk to any other patient or staff members inside the hospital. followed very quickly by response of men and women of the baltimore city police department and fire department who responded to the call for service. the scene was secured by swat team, by the baltimore city police department supplemented
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by swat members from baltimore more county who provided additional security in the nelson building of the hospital. at about 1:30 p.m. our swat team was able to determine that inside the room we were able to see that mr. davis was down on the floor suffering from an apparent gunshot wound and that his mother was also unresponsive in her bed. the team made entry into the room. with the assistance of onseen medical personnel determined that both mr. davis and miss davis were, indeed, deceased. at this point we are treating this case as a murder-suicide.
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obviously, the shooting of the doctor preceding this discovery. we have moved from a tactical situation to now a crime scene situation and management. in terms of emergency equipment and response, we are actively demobilizing the tactical side of the operation and concentrating our effort now in determining the full extent of mr. davis' background and any other history we can determine associated with the case. i will turn it over now to the fire department for a brief description of their response, as well. >>reporter: was the mother paralyzed? >> i can't comment. first of all, i don't know. and i would not be able to
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comment beyond what she was being treated for. >>reporter: did the tactical officers hear shots? >> let me have the fire department do their briefing and we will open up for brief questions. good afternoon. our role from the fire department's perspective was basically to support the police department with both tactical e.m.s. medical contingent and a stand by medical contingent. we brought some additional units in if there were a manpower need and to help to organize through the unified command the police department response and their ability to be able to mitigate the circumstances. and also to assist them in any way possible so we have resources on the scene. our role was to support the commissioner and the men and women of the police department and hopefully we did that. thank you. i would like to bring out
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someone from hopkins to address their support. good afternoon. first of all, i would like to reiterate the thanks for the mayor's office, the city police department, the fire department, and other tactical units involved. we train for these things at hopkins and i know they train, as well. when the tragedies occur it is enormously gratifying to see things go as planned. their response was breathtaking. they were here when moments. they were extraordinarily efficient, and behaved in an exemplary manner. i am not at liberty to reveal details of our physician who was injured. he is in the operating room.
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based on our assessment, the wounds do appear to be survivable wounds and i cannot answer questions regarding the shooter or the shooter's mother because of federal patient privacy laws. i am not at liberty to confirm other information. we will make a full statement at the appropriate time with more details. (inaudible). >> i cannot reveal anything that could reveal his identity. >> is there anything to prevent people from walking into the hospital? >> i defer that question to our vice president of security. >>reporter: were there weapon detectors at the inside of the building? >> not to my knowledge. i am the vice president of corporate security for johns hopkins.
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let me just say that soon after the incident at virginia tech we recognized that we needed to put together a response plan. in order to develop this plan, we would need some guidance and training and we turned to our partners at the baltimore police department who were more than willing to step up and help us put together a response. and a strategy. part of that strategy is the sending of text messages to hopkins employees that an insurance dents has occurred, what the incident is and giving them information on what to do. security, the security forces responded to the location and they moved to protect the staff, the patients, and to isolate the suspect.
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and to hold their ground until the police department responded. we have shifted resources, the employees who are deployed at the exterior part of the campus and the call was made to 9-1-1 and the immediate response took place. i heard a question about visit visitors. state law requires all staff members to have an i.d. badge and all visitors are given a wristband at the security desk. we go through about 80,000 wristbands a week. you do the math for how many
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people come here. i heard the question about the weapons detectors. only one or two institutions, hospitals that i am aware of, that have them, and they are not on the east coast. we do search and wand, our wrist patients, and we have over 80 emergency exits to the campus buildings. to put this equipment at 80 different doors and the required, armed force that would need to staff the equipment, is not realistic at a health care center. >>reporter: do the wristbanded
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people have to be wanded? >> that is someone coming in, they have an appointment, weaver file the appointment, or they are coming to see a patient. and weaver file the patient -- and we then will verify the patient is there. >>reporter: (inaudible). >> we have talked about this in the past. and any event like this, there is always going to be an assessment. >> that is the head of security at johns hopkins giving us the true headline of the day which is that there are no weapons equipment and no way to place them at the different entry ways at one of the finest hospitals in the entire room, johns hopkins university. people go there for medical treatment from all over. doctors and medical professionals look to that hospital to follow their lead. perhaps, now, not in the
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security department as we learn that the son of a patient was able to walk into the hospital today, carrying a semiautomatic hand gun and it was attached to his waist. he had it with him when he went to his mother's room and he received word of her condition and he was not happy with the news, the news was she was paralyzed after surgery she received there. and this man is identified as warren davis, 50 years old, pulled out the semiautomatic, shot his mother's doctor once. he is in surgery and is expected to live. and barricaded himself into his mother's room where he then later shot his mother and himself before it was over. how he was able to walk into this hospital, carrying a semiautomatic weapon is something that will be debated and talked about. and talked about. we talk about it more, too.ore ?
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>> and we are learning more what wbt down in baltimore, merchandise, one of the finest hospitals in the room, johns hopkins where a man walked into visit his mother, a patient, carrying a gun and he received word from his mother's doctor she was going to be paralyzed as a result of the surgery he pulled the semiautomatic weapon and shot the doctor. he barricaded himself in his mother's hospital room shooting her and himself before it was over. this went down a little after 11:15 this morning. there are a lot of questions about security at johns hopkins. we learned no weapons machines were at the hospital.
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>> i heard from another lady but i don't understand why a hospital like this does not have more security, something, this happened every day. >> that is live in baltimore following the story. molly, the head of security at johns hopkins, we heard from him, he said there really is in way with all the different entry ways and loading docks at the hospital, no way to place the machines everywhere. >> he said there are 80 doors. this is a big facility, big hospital. that would be hard and perhaps expensive to put the security at all of the 80 doors and most hospitals. they to not have the equipment but in this case a man got there and two parts of the crime scene. warren davis, now dead, gunman,
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happened outside room 873. the police say he was emotionally distraught and overwhelmed by the news of his mother's condition. we believe he found out she was paralyzed but that is not confirmed. he shot the doctor there. we are told by a source inside the hospital that doctor was rushed to the operating room on another floor immediately. they said that they believe his wounds are survivable. and the second part of the crime scene was inside the room 873 where the mother, jean davis and warren davis, ended up dead, shot by warren davis. >> thank you from the scene, molly. and a nurse at johns hopkins was there at the time and she saw guns on the floor where this all went town and joins us on the phone. am i correct you are back at work? at the hospital? what is going on there? >> total chaos a floor away from
3:24 pm
where the incident happened and i was getting a maisht for -- getting a patient for treatment. weapon the elevator doors opened guns were drawn, police guns. >> what did the police say? >> they still here and told us to become away from the old variety and to close the door immediately. >> why? if this suspect is now dead? >> at the time the suspect was not dead and the suspect was barricaded in the room with his mom and a sitter. >> traumatic experience you have had. >> absolutely. absolutely. >> how are you feeling? >> not too good. >> what is going on at the hospital? while all of this was going down i was amazed to read the hospital was recommending people would had appointments, doctors' appointment, everyone should keep coming to the hospital. >> i will tell you one thing that was ludicrous. they could not get in.
3:25 pm
that was one story. they were telling them to come but there was this we they could get in because i was outside looking for a patient and we were to deep pain for four hours and we could in the get back into the building. it would have been impossible because they could not get in. >> do you feel safe at work right now? >> absolutely not. >> what are you doing here? >> i am not there. i just left. >> you have to tell your supervisor you were leaving? all she understood. she understood. she was near the situation and i have been out, i was outside of the building for four hours and they said i could leave but i didn't have purse or keys or anything. >> you went back in and got your stuff and said you were leaving? >> when we were allowed back in. >> nurse, have you felt unsafe
3:26 pm
prior to today? yes to a degree. >> to what degree? >> to a degree that ... i guess, there are no metal detectors at hospitals i know of. maybe new york is different but in baltimore there are no metal detectors so if they present i.d. you do not know what they have in your pocket. >> that bothered you? >> absolutely. >> did you have knowledge of this particular patient, jean davis, on the eighth floor and whose son warren killed her and himself? >> no. >> didn't know about the case? all no. >> how about dr. cohen? >> very close with our unit. his wife is one of the nurses on our floor. >> can you confirm because we have not been able to do this independently that it was
3:27 pm
dr. cohen who was shot? >> it was. and as a matter of fact we cannot even walk --. am i allowed to go over here to my car? >> the nurse is interacting i guess with police officers who are telling her to move away from wherever she is outside of the hospital. >> i need to get to my car. i am leaving. >> the nurse was on the 7th floor at the time of the shooting and got in the elevators and the doors opened accidentally on the eighth floor and that is not where she was expected to go and there were the swat team members, the police there responding to the scene and they told her to shut the door. nurse billy, are you there? >> i am. >> tell us about dr. cohen? >> fan tass -- fantastic doctor.
3:28 pm
what kind of a doctor? >> a spinal doctor. >> he does surgery on people's spines. this corresponds as we look at a picture of him, this must happen a lot where relatives and loved ones are given bad news by doctors and members of the medical taf. it must be difficult to deliver bad news but that is what he was doing when this went down. >> i can't say for sure. (inaudible) as you said that can happen at any hospital anywhere, in new york or across the country. these things do happen. >> the head of security at your hospital, nurse billy, said that new procedures were put in place after the shooting at virginia
3:29 pm
tech to notify everyone on campus, everyone at the hospital, when something like this went down and according to the people we just listened to, everything went exactly according to plan. how did it work from your end? >> everyone was alerted there was a situation at the hospital and were asked not to come to the hospital and there were no ins or outs on the east side. >> how did this information get to you? i have an e-alert. that means that johns hopkins employees are alerted. >> over cell phone? >> over my cell phone. >> like a text message. >> yes. >> are you going back to work tomorrow? >> no, i am off tomorrow. >> when you have your next
3:30 pm
scheduled shift? >> i will not be working the weekend. >> we wish you the best. we are glad you are okay and the situation is offer. a final question, nurse, have there been other parents you have had to enter act with who made you feel uneasy or who have had relatives who made you feel afraid? yes. what do you do in situations like that? >> we call security. the nurse billy from johns hopkins, and our senior judicial analyst is here. judge, good to talk to you. is the hospital, we cannot say enough from a medical standpoint, one of the best, the best of the best, are they in trouble, now, because of this? >> they are liable for damages depending on what the doctor's relationship is to the hospital. he is an employee and limited to what maryland state workers'
3:31 pm
compensation would permit. if he is a private service provider, privileges of the hospital, he has a cause of action against them. but hospitals as we learned to our surprise do not have the metal doctors and loose security that does not relieve them of the obligation of a workplace, a place to which the public is invited, you are to make sure that is safe from crazy people and from harm. and this hospital did not comply with that obligation. >> you her the argument, he said we could not, the head of security, the vice president and corporate security said there are too many ways in and out of the hospital. we could not protect every entrance. >> what it means it would be extraordinarily expensive to do so but they will probably do so now regrettably after this give killed his mother, killed himself, and shut half of the hospital down for a day they will obviously do something. they have a world-wide
3:32 pm
reputation to protect and the olses imposed -- obligations imposed on them by law. this will trigger reexamination of security at all inner city hospitals. >> not just in baltimore. >> my wife gave birth to twins and i was amazed how easy i could come and go from a major new york city hospital. all you had to do was say hello to a guard. >> we feel secure at hospitals and don't expect thinks -- thins like this will happen. the head of security looked like former law help form so they have hired the right people but they have not put the right mechanisms in place. >> judge napolitano, our senior judicial analyst has a show "freedom watch." how is the show? >> viewers have been generous.
3:33 pm
you can find us saturday at 10:00 in the morning, and sundays 10:00 and 8:00 in the morning. >> sarah palin, and ron paul and a senator this weekend. >> thank you. new developments in a sickening home invasion and murder trial in connecticut. we have new 9-1-1 calls released and surveillance video from the morning of the horrifying crime. back in 2007, two were it is reportedly broke into a home and they pete the father with a bat and tied him up in the basement with his two daughters and the suspects tortured the family, murdered and raped the wife, raped the 11-year-old daughter and set a fire which killed the two teenage girls and somehow the father, a doctor, a well respected physician in connecticut escaped and got
3:34 pm
imself to a neighbor's house clinging to life in front of that home and they called 9-1-1. but it took police more than half an hour to respond and now attorneys for the suspects are using that as part of their defense strategy. now live at the courthouse. jonathan, police were alerted by the 9-1-1 call. how did that come about? >> the attackers took the mother in the family to her local bank demanding she with draw $15,000 and saying they would leave the family alone. they left the father and two doctors tied up at that point and jennifer, calmly, we have seen the surveillance video, approached the bank teller after the giving the $15,000 and told the teller what was going on and when the bank manager heard the
3:35 pm
story he decided to call 9-1-1. >> we have a lady in our bank right now who says that her husband and children are being held at their house. the people are in a car outside the bank and she is getting $15,000 to bring out to them that if the police are told they will kill the children and the husband. >> jennifer petit told the tell are she was told by the captor no harm would come to any of them if she got them that $15,000. obviously that proved to be untrue. >> i have learned that the two men were prepared to plead guilty and the only reason why they are now in trial, one is having a trial move forward the state wants to have the membership die, to go with the death penalty so that is,
3:36 pm
really, the gist of this, and that is why we are hearing from the defense attorneys that the police played a role in all of this because if this can be proof the police did not move in, in a timely way, perhaps the two suspects could get off with simply life in prison and not the death penalty. what are the police saying about what took so long? >> the police saying weapon they got the 9-1-1 call from the bang they -- bank they moved to the home immediately but they set up a perimeter and they say at that point they could see no sign of any activity in the house at all and that is why they did not move in. they later saw the two alleged attackers fleeing the house after setting fire to it and that is when they first actually made a move but they say they followed stand procedure and could not make a move because they had no proof that anything was going on. they had the allegations made in that official 9-1-1 call from
3:37 pm
the bank. >> the husband, the father, who was able to make it out and he had to hop up the steps from his basement while his feet were still tied and get over to the neighbor's house to ask them to call 9-1-1 and such an emotionally difficult case for him and for everyone involved. it has been a terribly tough case so far, obviously. he has been in court every day so far and he has shown some emotion when some of the terribly griveg photographs of the crime scene have been shown and one jar was crying yesterday when they saw the pictures. i caught up today with jennifer's sister as court adjourned and she talked about memories of her sister. >> my sister was a wonderful person. she would walk into a room and could light it up like magic. she was beautiful. she had a grace about her.
3:38 pm
very el guarantee and always dressed like, to the 9's. terrible, terrible case and the trial begins on monday. >> thank you from connecticut, jonathan. a battle brewing on tax cuts. that is coming up next. and new developments in the case of dallas police officers accused of beating a suspect.
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>> and the executive office building in washington, dc. someone is speaking. president obama is set to announce a new education initiative called "educate to inknow separate," and a push led by company c.e.o.'s to get kids into math and science.
3:42 pm
you can watch the speech on our website at >> lawmakers are battling over whether to extend some of the bush tax cuts but a new poll suggesting that 45 percent of people now oppose a white house plan to, for the tax hike on the wealthiest americans. 54 percent support that plan. and we are told the numbers are a sign for republicans who have bushed to extend the bush tax cuts not just for the middle class but the wealth of the earners ahead of the november elections. and now, the anchor of the willis report, good to see you. there is a large portion of people according to the poll who to not like the white house plan to only extend the tax cuts from the bush era for those making
3:43 pm
less than $250,000. >> what happens when you raise taxes on those who can. ploy other people in what could be another economic town turn with big concerns on the economy and the impact of higher taxes on people who could be small business operators. >> a lot of people wonder, can we afford to extend this? our federal deficit now is $14 trillion. can we afford to extend the cuts? >> it will be expensive. but do you think health care reform was cheap? do you think the initiatives coming from the white house have been cheap. you can pick and choose your programs here. and what will happen december 31st, the bush tax cuts expire unless action is taken. the easy thing to do is to do nothing. it does not require a signature from the president. those tax cuts go away. >> so many questions but break ing news has changed everything. you can watch gerri at 5:00 p.m.
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eastern on the fox business network.
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♪ so get up and g goin'! with new bayer am. the morning pain reliever. >> three dallas police officers facing criminal charges today avid i don't shows two of them beating a suspect after a chase. a third moving the police camera so it did not record part of the controversial arrest. we have the beginning on tape, though. watch. the man was riding the motorcycle on the sidewalk and the officers began the chase. the cops continued to follow the man after their boss said not to do it, after a couple of miles, the video shows the man pulling over and getting on the ground of the cops rush out of their car and beat the man with their
3:48 pm
hands and batons. this video is enough but a comment an officer made during the chase is also getting a lot of attention. listen. (inaudible) "keep going, i will beat the blank out of him." that is raising questions about whether the beating was premeditated. the dallas mayor has condemned the beatings and joins us from dallas. you have a real problem. >> we had unacceptable behavior and we will deep -- deal with it. >> is this isolated? in a police chase with an unruly suspect? all this is isolated. it is unacceptable act and we will take appropriate action. that has been taken. it is unfortunate because it
3:49 pm
reflects poorly on the city and reflects poorly on our police department. we have thousands who do the right thing and that is a tragedy. we will deal with it. in a transparent way. we will take action. >> and you have fired on the spot one of the officers who was a probationary officer. and the other two officers, what is their story? >> all three officers, the recommendation, is felony charges be filed. that will be the case. one has been terminated. the other to go through a termination process but because of civil service that will be drug out. >> this man has a rap sheet. this is not a model citizen we are talking the guy on the motorcycle. and in another part of the story we did not see on tape he was
3:50 pm
taunting the officers at the outset. >> again, what we need to do in those situations and what our police do they con front the individual. they handcuff him. and take him to jail. and the legal system will deal with them. it is not the responsibility to take the action into their hands. that was unfortunate. wrong. we will deal with it. >> with a long criminal background this guy has a case, i am sure, and an attorney or attorneys are probably lining up to represent him and he will sue your city for millions and you will have to pay him. >> that will go through the process. we are more concerned now is dealing with the situation with the office to make sure they are dealt with presently. that is being done. there is additional investigations. we want to convey, too, in this city we made a lot of progress especially open the public
3:51 pm
safety we have seen crime reduction, the largest, some of the largest in all of the nation. >> mayor, thank you. eat. okay, pickles! do your thing. [ bell rings ] that's amazing! i trained him myself. i meant the... okay. same coverage, more savings. now, that's progressive. call or click today.
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>> i was surprised by this story. nearly 9 percent of the american population age 12 and older are now using illegal drugs according to a new government report claiming the drug use in america has reached a decade high. marijuana use jumped 10 percent from the year before and remains the most commonly used drug in the country. ecstacy use up 37 percent. the number of people taking methamphetamines jumped 60 percent. however, cocaine use continues to drop, down 15 percent.
3:55 pm
trace has the news live from the west coast. what are officials saying? >>reporter: marijuana use is going up because medical marijuana is sending the wrong message that we spent years telling young people marijuana was bad and now medical marijuana is bigger than ever. 14 states along with the district have legalized medical marijuana and that is number is expected expected to rise. and as for methamphetamine, more are using stuff in cold medicine to make drugs at home. and now people go from store to store and buy up the cold medicine and make their own meth meth at home and there is more meth coming from mexico. >> the pot groups say this study strengthens their argument that
3:56 pm
pot should be made legal? >> and they say the federal government's war on marijuana after years and years has failed, costing thousands of people their livelihood and cost us billions and billions so they are saying instead of fighting against pot, we should legalize it. we should control it and regulate it and if we regulate pot it will generate billions of dollars in tax revenue. we should know that california, by the way, is voting in november to legalize marijuana. >> well, another race to watch in november, trace, thank you from los angeles. officials in new york city proposing to take their smoking ban now outdoors. seven years ago america's largest city passed the first ban on smoking in restaurants and befores and now the city is considering a similar ban for 1,700 city-owned parks and miles of public beaches and boardwalks and plazas including central
3:57 pm
park. cannot smoke there. coney island. and times square. what has happened to times square. the smokers' right group says this goes too far and the mayor says parks and beaches are for fresh air and he does not want people smoking there. we will see what happens with that. that does it for studio b and now the fox report at 7:00 eastern, and now neil cavuto is eastern, and now neil cavuto is coming up after the break.@=h hey, did you ever finish last month's invoices?
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sadly, no. oh. but i did pick up your dry cleaning and had your shoes shined. well, i made you a reservation at the sushi plce around the corner. well, in that case, i better get bk to these invoices... whh i'll do right after making your favorite pancakes. you know what? i'm going to tidy up your side of the office. i can't hear you because i'm also making you a smoothie. [ male announcer ] marriott hotels & resorts knows it's better for xerox to automate their global invoice process so they can focus on serving their customers. with xerox, you're ready for real business. [ man ] then try this. new and improved freestyle lite® blood glucose test strip. sure, but it's not gonna- [ bp ] wow. [ man ] yeah, that's the patented eestyle zipwik™ design. [ woman ] did it just -- ta the blood? target the blood? yeah, it drew it right in. the test starts fast. you need just a third the blood of onetouch®. that is different.


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